12 Plus Size Fashion Tips for Office Wear

Cheryn has compiled 12 amazing tips on how to dress up  for your office wear & work place styles.
It doesn’t matter what body size you are, these tips are super useful and can work for different styles.

If you have more suggestions, do let us know & we could more videos if there is enough tips.
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12 tips covered in the video

1. Fold your Sleeves

Folding up the sleeves will make the top wrap around your arms in a more flattering way, as well as show off your wrist, which would be the smallest part of your arms, making your arms look longer and thinner as well.

2. Tuck in your Top

This simple step will make your whole outfit look more put together in seconds, as it will straighten and bring in the blouse and flatter your body shape by showing off the waist.

3. Wear Nude coloured Shoes

This is a simple trick to make your legs look longer. As it does not break off your feet and allows the visual of you feet going pass your shoes.

4. Wear Accessories

Learning how to accessories is one of the main keys on looking chic versus looking drab in any outfit.

You have to find a good balance of accessories to bring the look together but also not going overboard and putting on too many accessories.

5. Wear Pattern & Prints

Plus size women sometimes shy away from prints, but it is an easy way to look good, as it will make an outfit look more fashionable & interesting easily as you can play around with colours, patterns and even show off your personality!

6. Alterations – more fitted look

You need to be able to wear the clothes & not have the clothes wear you, especially for a plus size figure, when every single plus size woman’s body will be different from every other plus size woman. So having your clothes fitted to you will not only make the clothes not only look good on you but also look more expensive.

7. Styling a simple Sheath Dress

Every curvy girl loves her sheath dress for those comfortable days, it is so comfortable! But you can also dress up your sheath dresses.

8. Wearing a Blazer

There is a reason why blazers are still the in the formal attire dress code. We look more presentable and put together in a blazer, but you need to find a blazer that fits & frames your body properly.

9. Styling a Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are so fun to wear & you can easily make it work wear appropriate with a belt and a blazer.

10. Wear a shorter Blazer

If you want to wear something long and baggy, trick to look less frumpy and still wear a blazer is to which out to a shorter blazer.

11. Get a good Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts should be a staple in every closet all over the world for women, it is the easiest thing to put on with any top and instantly you look like and lady boss.

12. Stay Fabulous, Be Confident & Be Happy

Smile, nothing is makes your outfit look better then having a confident & happy smile.

Hope this helps you take your first step into being the beautiful plus size fashionista you are meant to be, and do read our other blog post for more plus size inspirations.


Plus size inspiration for today: 

For this Post I would like you to check out & be inspired by a my own youtube videos on how to dress up as a plus size woman & hope you get inspired

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