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Plus size women all over the world, especially in conservative asian countries face a daily bombardment from the media, family and friends, colleagues & bosses and even random strangers that puts them down for being FAT.

The only way to break out of the cycle of letting your weight affect your life is to be confident in your own skin. Being plus size should not make you feel less happy or confident and it definitely does not make you less capable, creative or dumber than the thinner person. Yes, being fat is less healthy in some ways, but everyone has their own habits, like smoking, being road bullies, likes to gamble, I can just keep going on.

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Importance of Being confident

Don’t wait for confidence to happen to you, make it happen. Even if we to do not go into the issue of how confidence is an issue for most plus size women, the fact that majority of women suffers from lack of self confidence which will in turn affect your own self worth, is a sad issue.

As a woman that has been growing up as mostly plus size, since I hit puberty in a family of skinny sisters, I did suffer my share of “feedback” & criticism. That being said, my dad has always instilled the importance of having confidence in myself (in the same sentence of telling me I’m not confident due to being Fat) which I think helped me strive to be more confident in myself.

I would consider myself lucky. I knew the importance of being confident at a very young age, even though I did not actually know how to built myself up yet, at that time. Later on, I grew out of being too emotionally dependant on people around me & learn how to love myself and be comfortable in my own skin.
If you are interested in some of the methods I used, I will discuss the ways everyone can build confidence in our next article: Build your confidence, you deserve it. 

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