Build your confidence, you deserve it

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Plus size women all over the world, especially in conservative asian countries face a daily bombardment from the media, family and friends, colleagues & bosses and even random strangers that puts them down for being FAT.

The only way to break out of the cycle of letting your weight affect your life is to be confident in your own skin. Being plus size should not make you feel less happy or confident and it definitely does not make you less capable, creative or dumber than the thinner person. Yes, being fat is less healthy in some ways, but everyone has their own habits, like smoking, being road bullies, likes to gamble, I can just keep going on.

My point is, these bad habits that every human has does not give anyone else the right to tell them that they are not attractive, do not deserve to be loved by someone, or does not deserve to be hired to a higher position in a company.

Yet this happens for women who are overweight. Look at the movies in Hollywood, why are all the plus size women comedians, the comedy relief. The stupid, funny plus size sidekick of the sexy bombshell? Always.

We are sexy, clever, capable in our own right, but sadly not many plus size women we allowed to think that way in the society we live in.

So now, I hope I can share with you beautiful curvy girls out there a few ways to strive and build your confidence because you deserve it!

1. Jump at getting exposed.

No, my plus size beauties, I am not asking you to strip naked or wear a bikini (Though I wouldn’t say no to that)

I am saying, put yourself out there, try something new. Get exposed to new styles, experiences & have fun with it.

2. Have Courage or just Fake It.

Own that style, though you should wear things that make you feel comfortable, look to try something new once in a while & strut  your new look with a bright smile.

You would be surprised how many people will compliment you if you are confident, this in turn builds more confidence! It is a wonderful cycle, but if you have to fake it to get the cycle going, then FAKE IT!

3. Train to be disciplined & have good habits.

Looking good and being happy in your own skin takes abit of work, and it does not come just because you wish it.

You need to take time to take care of your hair, skin, choose your clothes & maintain your cleanliness.
These may come as simple habits to many such like brushing your teeth in the morning would give you confidence when you talk to someone, maintaining your image can do wonders for your confidence.

You do not need to be a fashion model with thousand of clothing in your closet, but you should find out what styles & colours  fit you and what does your wardrobe say about you.

4. Focus on goals & accomplishments.

When you want to be confident in driving, you would take driving lessons, then practice to drive and then confidence will come naturally.

Same for your inner confidence, you can’t just expect it to appear out of thin air. It takes time & cultivation.

Take time to learn how to look good & feel confident in your own skin. Practice being happy with how you look & you will be the confident curvy beauty you were meant to be!

5. Take pride & be thankful for even small things

I love my boobs. The plus side of being plus size. I am super thankful for them as they make me look bomb in my clothes.

Do you like your hair? Your long neck? Your beautiful soft hands? Your long legs? Have a sexy cleavage that makes you smile when you look in the mirror? Flaunt it!

6. Don’t be too serious.

Have fun girls, don’t take yourself or people around you too seriously. If you try to make everything perfect in this world, you will never be happy.

Remember if next time someone comments on how your weight will affect your confidence, you know they are wrong. Only you can affect your own confidence, cos it is a skill you have yet to perfect.

So stay happy, embrace your plus size curves & if something can bounce off you to make your life happy, then let it.


Plus size inspiration for today: 

For this Post I would like you to check out & be inspired by a wonderful Malaysian Plus Size blogger called Lily Shah | TheBuxomBabe , a beautifully inspiring fashionista.


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